This is How a Fairytale Looks Like In Real Life! Little Girl Grows Up With Wild Animals In Africa!

We know the videos circling YouTube showing kids playing through the glass with dangerous animals, teasing them and laughing? Well, all that is in the past, now that Tippi, the fearless girl from Africa, is in the focus!

The childhood of Tippi does not resemble at all like a typical childhood. She is photographed with her friends, wild animals from Africa. Her parents are both nature photographers, which is enough said.


Before she was born, her parents moved from France to Namibia. And that’s how Tippi has some of the most dangerous but graceful animals as her best friends! She hangs out with lions, tigers, cheetahs, also with elephants, zebras etc. She is growing up without the peer pressure, drama, cartoons, spoiled preschool kids, her parents have chosen a completely different upbringing.


Away from all the craziness, technology, lots of norms and rules to live by, she is growing to be a confident, fearless girl, in love and balance with nature and animals, with pure and untouched spirit, genuine innocence.

And the best of all? We get to enjoy the wonderful photographs of Tippi and her great childhood! They even made a documentary which we have shared as well, called “Tippi – Bridging the Gap to Africa”

It truly is a fairytale in real life! I wish I could experience at least a fragment of that!