How Expensive is Mountaineering?

All mountaineers dream of climbing all summits in the world. Only there are a few being marked as the most important summits and counted as the most expensive ones in the universe. Those are the seven world peaks, from all of the seven different continents. Having climbed these peaks is a real something to be proud of. That’s why all of the climbers desire to climb or have climbed all of the world’s top summits and have continued to conquer some other peaks. Or have ascended only a few of these seven and the other ones are next on their list.

But mountaineering is not only a sport for the climbers or mountaineers. It’s spreading in every sphere of life, and people that have never tried a sport in their life want to try it and experience the feeling of being at the top of something. Generally, they are wealthy people, that want to brag with this matter, or are competing with some other rich friends. But, either way, everyone must have a great experience before setting up for a climb, or a basic one even, but in that case must have an experienced guide with him/her.

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Mountaineering is not that cheap after all. There are many things to think of before you start a trip. And the mountains have their own price as well. The cost varies according to the authorities, the popularity and the rails to the summit as well. The harder to reach ones get a bigger price of course.

There are some sponsored mountaineers that have been in this sport for a long time and are successful in it. And they get to have a sponsored trip sometimes. But in most cases you must have a big wad of cash if you want to conquer some of these summits, and not to mention all of them at once.

As it was mentioned previously every mountain has its own price. By that I mean that if you want to get a permission for climbing a mountain you must pay at first. And besides, every expedition requires you to bring a scout who can take you safely to the top and back. Only an experienced climber with many years of experience behind and someone that has already climbed the mountain several times, can go for a solo climb. In the other instances, you must take a guide with you and a team of other people that will assist during the ascent. The prices for the permit and the guides vary from mountain to mountain, and the round price for each of the seven top summits (starting with the most famous and most expensive one) would be:
– Mount Everest, Asia (the trip will last 71 days, with a heading point from Kathmandu, Nepal) = $65,000
– Mount Vinson, Antarctica (the expedition will last 17 days, from Puntas Arenas, Chile) = $31 500
– Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia (the trip will be 21 days long, with a starting point in Bali, Indonesia) =$18 300
– Denali AKA Mount McKinley (it will last 22 days, starting from Anchorage, Alaska) = $4 800
– Mount Elbrus, Europe (will last 14 days, beginning the trip in Moscow, Russia) =$4300
– Aconcagua, South America (the trip will last 20 days, starting from Mendoza, Argentina) = $3700
– Kilimanjaro, Africa (it will be the shortest trip only 8 days, with a heading point from Moshi, Tanzania) =$3150
The total price summed if you want to reach all of the summits would be: 130.750 dollars.

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And as mentioned before, you can not go and start a climb without having some sort of an experience before. There must be condition exercises in order to prepare the body for climbing all the time, and also another exercise in order to prepare you for the thin air due to the altitude. You need to take some basic skills like, knowing how to use the axe, or crampons, and things like that. And this would get a part of your big wealth as easily. The training classes might cost you around $ 5000.

No matter if it’s summer or winter the mountains are always cold up there. Temperatures can get even to -58 degrees Celsius. No one should start a trip without having the appropriate clothing or gear. You must have several pairs of boots just in case, and also many clothes, from summer to warm clothes, in order to be prepared for the changing temperatures. They might surprise you. Also, don’t forget to bring the rain coat. But it’s not the clothes that matters the most. In fact, you’re climbing up and you don’t need clothes to hit the climb, but a climbing gear like crampons, ice axe, ropes etc.

Something that will serve you well up in that location. And don’t bring only one of each, but bring as much as you can carry because you never know what will break and what will you need the most. It’s good when you’re fully equipped with everything, starting from food, clothes and ending up with the gear. It’s safer to take a harder backpack than fearing that you might need something that you have forgotten or didn’t get. The gear might cost you around 12,000 dollars or even more depending on what you’re equipped with or whether you need to purchase everything from the beginning.

These seven summits are on the highest mountains in the seven continents around the globe. And in order to reach all of them you have to make a travel around the world. You cannot drive the whole way there or swim through the ocean. Airplanes are the only transport that’s left. And they are expensive alright. If we take New York as a heading point and calculate the cost with an economical flight to all of the seven summits the total price would turn out to be 21,500 dollars. And this is an economy class, the cheapest price. But I guess, all of you, wealthy guys out there, are not planning to take an economy class, but enjoy the privileges of a first class instead. And this will cost you way more than we counted here. But we’ll leave this calculation for you.

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These previously mentioned were the primary and biggest costs for making a step like this. But where are the small costs, the phone bills, the tips, the hotel, lunch, breakfast and many more. You will lose a great deal of money here as well.

The approximate price for making a trip like this, visiting the top summits in the world will be 170.250 dollars.

Mounting all of the seven summits is a big deal alright. But the amount of money you’ll have to give is big as well. Unless you’re a millionaire and money is not a trouble for you than a plan like this would be more than welcome. But in a different case, don’t feel sad, there are many sponsors and if you’re really good at what you do, they will help you climb as many peaks as possible. And sooner or later will have something to brag with, having climbed all of the seven top peaks. And by then, continue with the mountaineering on the nearest mountains, and never lose hope. Good luck with that.