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Most Amazing Tropical Island

Saona is a tropical island located near Dominican Republic. With an area of 110 square kilometers it is the largest island in the Caribbean coastal state and is part of the East National Park.

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Conserve Islands Nature

Any commercial activities are prohibited here to keep its natural beauty, which was often used as a decoration on various film productions and advertising campaigns. The island is almost 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. Population of more than 500 people, divided into three fishing villages.

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Flora and Fauna of the Island

It is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, white sandy strips, soaked in crystal clear water and coastal lagoons richly decorated with coconut palms. The water around this wonderful tropical island is home to many endangered kinds of animals such as manatee, different types of turtles, dolphins and American Lamantin. Saona has an exceptional flora rich with many kinds of plants some of them are endemic.

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Most Beautiful Tropical Island Photos

This tropical island has many caves, the most famous is Cotubanama named by military leader with the same name which in the early XVI century, running away from the Spaniards found shelter in it.

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