The Cities With The Worst Traffic

Mexico City – Mexico City has a massive problem with traffic jams and plans to spend around 2 billion dollars to facilitate the locals driving the city streets. This city was proclaimed ‘the city with the worst traffic’ according to a survey, with 8.000 respondents evaluating the annoyances of city driving: the stress, the time lost and the impact on the health.

Stockholm, on the other hand, was placed on the 4th best place, because the city solved its traffic jam problems with a paying system for driving through the city center, which resulted in less crowds by 25%.
In California, drivers get information about construction works and jams. Other cities have traffic lights that accommodate to the traffic conditions for a better traffic flow.

Speaking of Moscow, around 50% of the drivers spend on average 3 hours daily in traffic jams.
Drivers in Beijing are most annoyed about the horrifying traffic jams, and the ones in New Delhi are not unfamiliar with leaving their cars and walking to home. Sixty percent of the locals ride a motorbike or drive a car to get around town, around 13% travel by bus, and 7% by train.

Moscow-04via flickr by Alexey Kljatov licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

‘Stop-and-go’ driving is the most common complaint by drivers, followed by rudeness and aggressiveness from fellow drivers. A great number of Chinese and Indians experience respiratory problems as a result of spending long hours breathing exhaust fumes stuck in a traffic jam.

The participants in the survey made this list of cities with the worst traffic, starting from the worst:

1. Mexico City                    11. Buenos Ayres
2. Shenzhen                      12. Los Angeles
3. Beijing                           13. Paris
4. Nairobi                          14. Madrid
5. Johannesburg               15. New York
6. Bangalore                     16. Toronto
7. New Delhi                     17. Stockholm
8. Moscow                       18. Chicago
9. Milan                            19. London
10. Singapore                   20. Montreal