Caño Cristales – Most Beautiful River in the World

Caño cristales, Most Beautiful River in the World

On this amazing photos below you will be able to take a look at the most amazing colourful river in Colombia and the world. In this river you can see the full spectrum of colours, from yellow and green, to blue, black and extremely red.

Mario Carvajalvia wikimedia by Mario Carvajal licensed CC-BY-3.0

This river is called by many names like “river in five colours”, “Liquid Rainbow” even “River flowing to Heaven” but he most common title she’s awarded is “the most beautiful river in the world”. River Caño cristales looks exactly like a story out of the Bible.

 The Most Amazing River in the World

In fact, over the years, this river is no different from the other rivers in Colombia. However each year for a short period this river explodes with colors. This river was formerly unavailable for the tourists because of guerrilla conflict in Colombia and its reopened in 2009.

Caño Cristales-08via vuelaviajes