Build your own swimming pool … from Hay Bales!?

Who Doesn’t Want a Swimming Pool in it’s Backyard

Almost everyone dreams of having a big swimming pool in their backyard. And with the current heat wave set to continue you could really use one to kick back and relax after a long summer day. Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of having a private pool in their own back yard. And luckily, we have come across this brilliant idea. Now you can build your own swimming pool in just a few hours.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

It is not the most luxurious pool, but works just as well as the real thing and it is definitely fun. You will absolutely love it and use it to unwind and cool down in the hot summer days and nights.

 via goodshomedesign

So roll up your sleeves   and get to work. This is a fun project to try and DIY.

Easy to Build Swimming Pool

All you need is hale bales, plastic or tarps, rope and water and in a couple of hours you will have your very own paddling pool.

Find a big flat surface where you would like to place your pool.

Place the hay bales in your desired shape and then spread the hay as evenly as possible making sure you don’t run out of hay.

Simple Swimming Pool Designs

Check for leaks in your plastic and if all goes well, get the base a bit of a sweep.

Tie the plastic around the hay bales with rope and secure it tightly.

And last but not least, add water.

That’s all! You’ve got yourself a hay bale swimming pool.