Body and Mind Relaxation in some of the Best Spa Hotels in Europe

In the last couple of years the spa hotels got to be even more popular and are must-to-visit places for all the adventurers and travel addicts. A perfect place to refill your batteries and move on with your next journey. Or just go and relax from the busy everyday routine and the stress life carries.
If you’re hesitating what spa centre to visit, take a look at our list and consider visiting some of these centres of peace. After all, they are voted as the best in whole Europe, and there is no doubt that you’ll enjoy it.


is placed next to the lake Majore. Surrounded by that amazing natural beauty and the peace circling around the whole place, this hotel serves as one mind therapy. You can totally relax here and enjoy the facial treatments or the mud massages. Also, don’t forget to try some of the manicure and pedicure here. Your mind will be totally relaxed thanks to the astonishing and surrounding nature, and these therapies mentioned will make your body loosen up too.

01-spavia splendia

01a-spavia myinspiredwedding


This is one traditional spa hotel located in the heart of Turkey- Istanbul. It is one true oasis, and almost all tourist sights are near. The spa services are actually healing services, because there are treatments that include rubbing with salt and taking a bath in the traditionally known Turkish hammam.

02-spavia pierrelotihotel



The panoramic view that can be set from the windows of this hotel is incredible, along with the service it offers. Located in the centre of the city of light, this is one tranquil place and the surrounding parks only bring about the peacefulness. Most of the treatments that are offered here are of an aesthetic nature, which means that you’ll definitely rejuvenate after the first visit there. Besides, are you one of those constantly tired types of people that have black bags under the eyes. Well, come into this spa centre and you’ll forget about the marks of fatigue.

03-spavia true5stars


This spa centre probably has the best location, since it’s perched on top of the hill between Rome and Vatican. It is one peaceful place, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and enchanted by the silence, but at the same time the fact that everything is near you and after the relaxing day spend there you can get more relaxing evening in the centre of Rome that is only five minutes away. From cosmetic treatments to some amazing massages, you will definitely get one rich service here.

04b-spavia ar.hilton

04a-spavia ar.hilton


Two words that describe this place the best- classy and elegant. This resort has a long tradition back, and to do the whole place up costed incredible 210 million pounds, but it was definitely worthy, because the whole new look is royal and every visitor feels like a member of the royal family once he/she enters the gate of the Savoy hotel. It is known for its energy boosting treatments. And while taking a treatment – relaxing or energizing one, you can order your breakfast and enjoy in the amazing flavour and taste prepared by the famous chef Gordon Remzi.

05-spavia luxurystnd


This spa resort is located in the beautiful Barcelona and is the right place for the ones that want to get away from all their troubles and relief from the stress or enjoy some time and solve some psychical issues. The warm steam baths, pools, massages and a shrink are available for you 24/7 and will help you get through all of the difficulties in life easily providing you with great tips and relaxing your full body and mind at the same time. It’s like a great rehab centre, from where you’ll come back as a new person.

06-spavia decoracioninteriorismo

06a-spavia archilovers


This one is an extravagant spa 5 star hotel, and is located far away from the coast on a private island. This is a perfect getaway that will offer you one full relaxation from the crowd and the constant noise. It is placed in Venice and despite the variety of wellness services and rejuvenating treatments, there is a program/treatment for detoxifying your organism which many find appealing and visit this resort just for it.

07-spavia dailymail


It is placed in the old ruins of Prague and has one interesting monumental look, because it raises as a huge dome towards the sky. The stay over and the services here are real low-cost. The pools are filled with sparkling water, which makes them one of a kind. And also, the sauna and the relaxing massages here are considered as very effective ones too. Spend a relaxing weekend here and make all your troubles disappear in only a couple of days.

08-spavia doprahyzapivem


actually, in the middle of a really busy street, full with pubs, cafés, boutiques and many other shops. The massage centre in this spa resort serves as the best one in whole Germany and the fitness program here is awesome. Also, there is a detoxifying centre on the fifth floor in the same building, so have no worries if you’ve overreacted with your alcohol in one of tenor café’s.

09-spavia finestlodges


Rock stars and royal members are habitués of this resort. Classy, luxurious and elegant can stand as adjectives in its look and service. It is known as the best rejuvenating centre in the Netherlands and its many pools, hammams and the high quality service are worth every penny you’ll spend there.

10-spavia eurotourism

We’re entirely cognizant of the busy everyday life and the fact that we have very short time to spend on ourselves, but these spa centres are created exactly for that. They serve as placed where you can completely relax and enjoy only for yourself and forget about everything around you even it’s for a moment. There is no need to spend a great deal of time there. Just go and get a relaxing massage.

You will experience your energy refilled in only a minute spend there. I bet there are great spa centres near you as well. Give yourself some free time every once in a while, and your body will be really grateful. And if you want to get even more relaxing holiday or even a short weekend, choose one of these above mentioned places. You certainly won’t regret it. Every penny spent here in order to revitalize your body, will be worthy. After all, no one should skimp when it comes about the wellness of your body and mind.