Battery Draining Problem Solution for Travelers

Biggest Nightmare When on Travel, Low Battery on Smartphone

We as travelers have a huge problem with our smartphones because of the battery capacity, they drain very fast with all those features that all new smartphones have. But wherever we go we can not immagine our life without our phone. Those new features like great quality of photos, recording in slow motion in the new iphone 6, or the water and dust proof and ultra fast camera in Samsung Galaxy S5, many cores of the procesors and gigabytes of RAM and many many more features in all those new smartphones that are being offered. But all those amazing features have huge impact on the battery draining problem.

How to Charge Your Smartphone When on Travel

 Also many of the new phones have the very popular 4g or LTE internet which drains your phone battery like crazy and it can drain it up in 12 hours or less, , but guess what, we found a solution for all of you travel enthusiasts, a hack that will help you when you are in need of a phonecall and your battery is down. All you need is a car charger and 9 volt battery, but you will see all in the video hack bellow that we got for you. Check it out and never think of a problem with your smartphone battery draining again.