Astonishing Views From The Ten Highest Cable car In The World

Take a Look at Surrounding From Bird’s Perspective

Being on top of a mountain is an amazing experience. Not just because of the fresh air that will fill your lungs with purity, but because the most beautiful panoramic views can be experienced from there. You get the feeling like being on top of the world, looking at everything around you from a bird’s eye perspective and enjoying the marvellous landscapes.

But not all are mountaineers, can climb a mountain, or even afford to do that. But that’s what cable car is here for. Some won’t take you to the top, but to a high peak, from where you get to experience some amazing views.

We’ve made a list of the ten cars-cables that go the highest up in the air and offer you the best sight. The whole process of driving up, gives you an opportunity to enjoy in the nature even more and capture more amazing photographs, from everything surrounding you.

Huashan Cableway

01- Huashan Cableway image source via attractioneers

First on the list is the Huashan Cable car that climbs you 2000 metres up on the Huashan Mountains in the Shaanxi province in China. This is on the list of one of the most dangerous mountains in China, with 5 peaks. And this cable-car serves for both climbers that want to ease up the climb up the top, and tourists as well, that want to enjoy in some breathtaking views.

Grindelwald Männlichen Gondola Cable way, Switzerland

02- Grindewald Manlichen Gondola  image source via khoahocsupham

Proceeding with the Grindewald Manlichen Gondola Cableway in Switzerland, that goes 2135 metres up climbing the Swiss Alps. Even though the main purpose for the construction of this cable-car was to ease up the skiers to get to the Mannlichen peak, nowadays around 900 passengers are using this service in an hour only and throughout the whole year. Mostly by travellers and adventurers that want to see the outstanding aerial view on the whole Bernese – Oberland area.

The Table Mountain Cableway

03- The Table mountain cableway  image source via whereisyvette

The Table mountain cableway is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and is the most famous tourist attraction, that offers some outstanding views on the Cape Town and Table Bay. It was opened in 1928, and until now there are approximately 23 million visitors that have tried this service.  The best thing about it is that during the ascent and descent you get to experience view on the whole surrounding place, from every perspective, because the car-cables rotate to 360 degrees. It can take you only 1000 metres up.

03- The Table mountain cableway-1  image source via southafrica

Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car

04- Sugarloaf Mountain cable car  image source via fromatob

Sugarloaf Mountain is located in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and the interesting thigh about it is that is div1ided in two parts. One that takes you up 220 metres from Red Beach- Urca Hill, offering amazing sights on Rio, and the second one goes additionally 400 metres up to the Sugarloaf Mountain and offers even more beautiful views of the long sandy beaches of Rio, the other nearby mountain, and you can even see the many climbers that chose the harder but more adventurous way to get up there.

Ngong Ping Cable Car

05- Ngong Ping cable car  image source via evelovelle

Ngong Ping cable car, located on the Lantau Island in Hong Cong is 6400 metres long and offers you one 25 minute adventure crossing the Tung Chung Bay and heading to North Lantau, while looking at the amazing view on the South China Sea, left behind in the distance. There are even crystal cabins here with glass bottoms that will offer you an even greater panoramic perspective on the land from beneath.

Teleferico de Merida Cableway

06- Teleferico de Merida cableway  image source via gondolaproject

The following one is the world’s longest and highest cable car. Going 4755 metres up above the ground, it offers spectacular views on the surrounding Andean summits covered with snow. It is The Teleferico de Merida cableway in Merida, Venezuela. It was closed in 2008 for a reconstruction, and it is expected to be open again by the end of the year, and carry a new name – Mukumbari – meaning a place where the sun is born.

The Banff Gondola

07- Banff-Gondola  image source via northandsouthnomads

The Banff Gondola offers an eight minute ride to the top of the Sulphur Mountain, 2285 metres high. It offers you some stunning views on the six surrounding mountain ranges, the vivid town from below and the Bow Valley too. But there is more. You can enjoy in a short hike to the weather station or have a meal up in the clouds.

the Skyline Queenstown Cable car

08- the Skyline Queenstown cable-car  image source via goodbyevirginiahelloworld

And specially designed for the adrenaline addicts, the Skyline Queenstown cable-car ride is the steepest one in the world. It is located in Queenstown in New Zealand and goes 460 metres above the Wakatipu Lake, to Bob’s peak. There you can see the first car-assisted bike park, and over 24 biking treks.

Gulmarg Gondola, Jammu and Kashmir in India

09- Gulmarg Gondola, Jammu and Kashmir, India  image source via toplowridersites

Gulmarg Gondola in Jammu and Kashmir in India has two ropeways that offer the tourists a trip to and from the Kongdoori Mountains that go 4267 metres up. It is mostly used by the skiers and snowboarders that want to experience the powdery snow on the Kongdoory Valley. This is the longest cable-car in Asia that even has an additional ride up to the Afarwat Mountains that will offer you a heavenly view above the clouds.

the Palm Springs Tramway

10- the Palm Springs Tramway  image source via billwolfsen

And ending our list with the Palm Springs Tramway in Palm Springs, California. This one takes the travellers from the Valley Station 2600 metres up to the Mountain Station, offering amazing sights during the 10 minute ride.  This one is the largest rotation aerial cable-car, and helps the tourists get an even better view of the surrounding.

Have you been to some of these places and experienced this ride? What is your preferable one from the above mentioned list? According to me every one of these offers a unique adventure, something that is worth experiencing and that will enrich your camera and memory as well with some stunning photos from an aerial perspective.