Why Do Airplane Window Blinds Need To Be Lifted During Take Off?

You must have wondered many times why do airplane window blinds need to be raised during take off and landing of an air-plane and asked yourself several times. But hardly who knows the correct answer.

There are million presumptions that can run through your brain and are connected with this thing, but what is the right one, or does the right one even drift among your thoughts.

There is one one explanation about this, and is pretty simple.

airport_window_blinds  image source via cnn

Airplane Window Blinds Need To Be Lifted Because

The exact answer is – It’s a CAA regulation that airplane window blinds have to be up during take off and landing, so that if there is an emergency, the Emergency Services can actually see into the aircraft. To take it further, the lights have to be dimmed on landing at night-time so that passengers’ eyes are adjusted to the low light in case of emergency. And opening the airplane window blinds is only part of a more complex preventive procedure that unconsciously prepares the passenger for a possible accident.

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Each plane has only ninety seconds to evacuate the passengers and prepare them for a possible accident, and lifting the airplane window blinds is only part of it to save some time.

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Thanks to the outside light and possibility to see outside, in case of emergency the crew will be able to easily and more precisely decide what to do and decide which side of the plane is safer.

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And next time when they ask you to lift the airplane window blinds, listen to this advice even though it sounds frivolous to you.