19 Facts About Malta that you didn’t Know

Malta is one of the 200 islands in the Mediterranean Sea. But it is very beautiful and recommended by many people. Among the Americans Malta is less known tourist attraction.
Firstly we will talk about its location. It is located southwest of Sicily and northeast of Tunisia. Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Here on the first place is Vatican City, located in the heart of Rome. On the other side, Malta presents a rocky coast, rich of history.

Malta-01via flickr by Raffaele Camardella licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1. The first landmark is the Calypso Cave. This cave is that one which Homer mentioned in his masterpiece Odyssey. Even though is not very big, their views are so immense and fascinating.

2. Malta is consisted of three islands: Gozo, Comino and Malta and as the people who went there said it is so small that it can be driven by bike from one end to the other.

3 . Maltese is the official language of Malta that looks like the Arabic and it has very strange pronunciation for some words.

4. The capital of the island Gozo is Victoria. This city is well known for its Cittadella that is very graceful. When you are there it moves you back in the Middle Ages.

5. They have certain rules that should be respected. One of them is that in the walled capital Mdina is not permitted residents’ cars on the streets.

6. The season in Malta for going on the beach can keep up till the middle period of the fall.

7. Another thing that should be visited in Malta is Hal Safieni Hypogenium that was dredged in near 2500 B.C.

8. Something that no one could think about is that the Maltese people like the English people drive on their left side.

9. The smallest of the islands, Comino is island with almost no inhabitants and it has only one hotel. Here there is an attraction called Blue Lagoon that you shouldn’t miss it.

Malta-02via flickr by John Haslam licensed CC BY 2.0

10. Maybe the reason of why Maltese people drive on their left is that it was under British rule till 1964, after which became independent.

11. In Malta you can see wreckages of ships that were used during the Second World War.

12. The capital city at the moment is Valetta. UNESCO protects it as one of the most concentrated historical areas of the world, which proves its historic and cultural heritage.

13. Vittoriosa (Birgu) is one of the three cities that were damaged severely during the Second World War but here are some parts that are still undamaged. One of them is Fort St. Angelo.

14. As tourists said Malta is a paradise for the sympathizers of walking. It has a lot of tours where people can walk and see the beauty of Malta and Gozo.

15. The summer residence for the President is the Verdala Palace, where is not allowed visitation by the public apart the Ball of the August Moon on 3rd August.

16. According to a report by the UN, Malta took the 48th place among the happiest places in the world. US took the 17th one.

17. Another place that is worth to visiting is San Blas Bay, which is a beach with red sand.

18. Another attraction is Azure Window, which present a horizontal rock that mustn’t walk on but you can bathe in its nearness.

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19. The last interesting fact about Malta is Hagar Qim, a temple that thrives with its ancientness. Prove of that is that the origin of this temple is around 5000 years ago.

Do you think that these facts are interesting enough for you to visit Malta?