11 Island Airports that will Leave you Breathless

Kansai International airport

5. Located on an island in medial part of Osaka Bay, southwest from Osaka Station. It is main airport of the Japan Airlines and Nippon Cargo Airlines. The building started in 1987 and lasted for 2years. 10 thousand workers and also 3 mountains were dug for building the surface above the sea. At the end was build a bridge that would connect the island with Rinku town. Among the citizens this airport is known as Kinkū.

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Marshal Islands international Airport (Marshall Islands)

6. This airport is situated south of the capital of the Marshal Islands, Majuro Atoll. Besides the official name it is also known as Amata Kabua Airport. It didn’t had any physical structures till 1970s when started to be build. Today travelers use stairs to exit from the plane and then walk to the terminal. The Marshal Islands international Airport was built after the Second World War.

Chūbu Centrair International Airport

7. Situated on a fictitious island 35 kilometers southly from Nagoya (Central Japan). It is the main entrance for Central Japan. It is third off shore airport, together with Nagasaki Airport and Kansai International Airport. This first class airport has a terminal in form of letter T. The first idea was to look like origami crane, but because of the enormous cost this idea was rejected. The usage of it in 2011 was 9.06 million was declined, when we compared with 2006 where 11 721 673 passengers used it. The same situation happened with the amount of cargo compared by years. Most of people accuse the enervation of the economy since 2008. Chūbu is categorized as a first class airport.

Kobe Airport (Japan)

8.  Located south of Sannomiya station, this airport is used for internal flights but also can be used for charter flights. His name has gained because of its location near the cost Kobe. This airport is not appropriate for long-range flights because of its length. It can be used from time to time for charters to China and some other countries on smaller distance. The international charter flights were abolished in order to protect the importance of the Kansai Airport. Also the government intrudes this airport the domestic flights which shows again his primary purpose. Another reason for this is to prevent congestion in the air. There are some controversies according this matter where people said that this airport can handle 6 or 7 flight during an hour which is more from the government prescriptions of 30 daily flights.

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