10 Very Useful Tips for Longer Journeys

Every one of us has made this mistake at least once in a life. We put a lot of things that are unnecessary. So I decided to give you some advices that will make your journey easier, happier and without any problems.

1. The first of all is to check the validity of your passport. There are a lot of situations where people decide to go somewhere and when they come at the border area, realize that their passport is not valid anymore.

passport-1via flickr by Henrique Bente licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2. The next one is about packaging. We should pack our luggage as smart as possible. We don’t need to put things that won’t be used. Always there is something that won’t be necessary. The most important is that the clothes you will bring to be cozy.

3. The third advice is connected about the types of clothes. If we are visiting different countries, we should be prepared for different weather conditions. This means that we should wear clothes for all seasons.

4. Another important thing if you are travelling by bus is to bring a travelling pillow for your neck especially if the journey is very long. Besides the pillow you shouldn’t forget a small blanket in order to have better traveling. Something that is important to be mentioned is to keep your passport and some vitamins near you.

5. Maybe the one of the most important things is the footwear. People are making most the mistakes here by wearing pairs of shoes that are useless in such occasions. You should wear at least three pairs of cozy sneakers and sandals. Because you will walk a lot, you should think that heels and other unpractical shoes won’t be needed.

6. Among the ten most important things, we shouldn’t forget our personal cleanliness package. On longer journeys you should wear minimum cosmetics and you should put the most important things like tooth brush, showering gels, wet wipes and gel for disinfection on your hands. In your health purse you should always wear medicine in case you get sick. Also is very important to bring two or three towels for face, hair and body.

7. Of great importance is bringing money belt. This belt should be put under your shirt or somewhere on a safe place. You should never leave your wallet and cards in the bus or in the hotel.

8. The eighth advice about wonderful journey is to bring your camera to perpetuate the most important moments. Photos are something that will lasts forever and will be prove of one good time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvia flickr by Bill licensed CC BY-ND 2.0

9. If you are visiting a lot of cities it is important to go with a tourist guide. It is very important because you can’t find all the necessary information in so many places. On the other side, the tourist guide is here to tell you more about the places of great importance, information about good food, something that is worth seeing. But if you want to travel on your own don’t forget to explore about the country on internet, like things you should visit and of course don’t start your journey without buying a map.

10. The last one which is the essential for a good journey is your good mood. It is very important to be cheerful because only in that way you will have unforgettable journey.