10 Most Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik

Vila Kate

It is wonderful large villa above the beautiful bay of Mini. It is close to the beaches, restaurants, pools and the old town of Dubrovnik. The villa has pool and there is also BBQ.

Vila_Kate_Dubrovnik image source via guide2croatia

Villa Mlini

It is stylish, high quality villa with pools and fabulous dining restaurants, located in the heart of Dubrovnik. The villa has magnificent view over the sea and it is also close to the Mlini beaches and restaurants. It is only 10 minutes away from the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

002-Villa_Mlini_Dubrovnik, Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik image source via ownersdirect

Villa Ivana

This villa is in the Dubrovnik style. It is modern villa located near the village of Mlini, 10 minutes from Dubrovnik. It is new, beautiful, large villa with magnificent views.

03-Vila_Ivana_Dubrovnik image source via guide2croatia

Villa Floranneve

It is gorgeous, enormous villa located in a private garden with just few minutes from the sea. Near the villa is the village Cavatat, The villa has pool, hot tub, badminton and big BBQ area.

04-Villa_Floranneve_Dubrovnik image source via dubrovnikphotographer

Villa Topaz, Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik

It is beautiful villa located in the town of Cavatat in the Dubrovnik Riviera. It is very close to the bay, beaches, bars and restaurants. The villa has big pool and a wonderful terrace,

05-Villa_Topaz_Dubrovnik, Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik image source via ownersdirect

Villa Royal

It is situated in the wine region called Konavle. Vila Royal is a mixture of modern and old. It is ideal place for those who seek peace, privacy, people who just want to relax and see some interesting stuff.

06-Villa_Royal_Dubrovnik, Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik image source via lobster-experience

Villa Milano, Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik

This villa is located in the elite part of Dubrovnik, which is close to the former residence of the president of Yugoslavia Tito. Villa Milano has beautiful Fendi interior and outside it has pool and spa.

07-Villa_Milano_Lapad_Dubrovnik image source via dalmagic-cruise

Villa Lilac

This villa is very exclusive and luxurious. It is located outside the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea. To the guests offers beautiful Jacuzzi and green gardens.

08-Villa_Romantic_Lilac_Dubrovnik image source via airbnb

Most Luxurious Villas in Dubrovnik, Villa Sheherezade

This villa offers very peaceful retreat for the guests a break from the hustle of the everyday life. It is popular among the celebrities. It is the most exclusive villa of the Croatian coast. This villa has three floors, the guest rooms are on the first floor while on the ground floor are the common areas. This villa because of it’s locations and luxurious view is maybe the most luxurious villas in Dubrovnik

09-Villa_Sheherezade_Dubrovnik image source via adriaticluxuryhotels

Kazbek Villa

This wonderful villa is located on the coast of the bay of Gruz. It is just 3 km from the Old Town. Kazbek Villa has 12 big rooms and one suite. Each room is wonderful because it is a work of art and each has its own story, and this villa is considered one of the most luxurious villas in Dubrovnik.

10-Villa_Kazbek_Dubrovnik  image source via kazbekdubrovnik

10-Villa_Kazbek_Dubrovnik-1 image source via completelycroatia